20150806_140239[1]I have a crazy life with four kids and my husband, AKA, “My Man.” Every day is an adventure regardless of whether we are homeschooling, enjoying lake life, enjoying vacation, or just trying to get through the day. I am an avid reader who loves all things history. I thoroughly enjoy eating, which also means I diet a lot, and I relish any chance I get to travel (even if that just means a day trip — I’ll take what I can get). I love talking out biblical truths with my husband. I love to laugh and have fun and explore. I have absolutely no musical talent, really none, but I love music and have a pretty cool collection that I am always adding to.  I am just like everyone else; I’m not perfect, and I fail entirely too much. The thing is……. I keep trying. The biggest truth I ‘ve learned in my life is, no matter what the day holds, God always blesses me with His redeeming thread through out the story of my life.


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