Savannah, Georgia

After more than four hours in our car, I was getting a bit restless.  The kids and my mom had just finished McLintock and were starting on the Hobbit when I saw the “Welcome to Georgia” sign amidst the palm trees.  I seriously love Georgia.  What could you love more than Coca Cola, Atlanta Braves, Designing Women, and moss-covered trees?  Of course, I had to play a song.  I caught my husband grinning as Willie’s voice wafted through the speakers.  Georgia On My Mind has been covered by so many artist, but since Willie covered it, I’m gonna play his version, because….. he’s Willie and that’s how I roll.  We were headed to Florida, but I couldn’t wait to come back through and take a quick stop in Savannah.

We spent our short time in Savannah walking around exploring.  We walked down River Street, ate fresh boiled peanuts, and drank in our surroundings.  The centuries old steep steps, the old buildings, cobblestone streets and the water front had this history loving southern girl quite content.


My boys may or may not have met Clark Kent……


I had to stop at the African-American Family Monument on River Street.  It moved my heart almost to tears.  I stood there saddened as I thought about all of the many families separated by the horrible institution of slavery that was finally brought to an end by the emancipation.  Maya Angelou’s words inscribed on the base of the statue are a perfect tribute of strength to a people who endured so much and remained unbroken.


“We were stolen, sold and bought together from the African continent. We got on the slave ships together. We lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each others excrement and urine together, sometimes died together, and our lifeless bodies thrown overboard together. Today, we are standing up together, with faith and even some joy.”  -Maya Angelou




We walked through Emmet Park among the many historical monuments under the moss-covered trees.  13493440_1196064173746245_746498805_o

We stopped in front of the Cotton exchange building where I snapped a cool picture of the City Hall Dome.


Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to know that I HAD to stop at a candy store.  I pulled open the glass door to step inside and was immediately hit with that rich sugar aroma that you can only find in candy stores.  When a wolf sees a full moon he has to howl, right?  When I smell sugar, my eyes get huge and my heart starts beating with excitement.  I’m a kid again.  My mouth starts watering and I have to fight the urge to run around taking everything in.   Anyway, this place was cool.


The further I walked into the store, the more trouble I felt myself getting into.  Your body just doesn’t respond the same to a sugar overdose (that I was about to indulge in) at 29 and holding as it did as a child.  Just Saying.

 And then, I discovered there was another room.  It was filled with different kinds of coated popcorn and wrapped candies.  Oh, my!!!

Can you believe I got out of there with spending less than twenty bucks???  Yeah, I can’t either, but I did spend less than thirty.


The coolest thing about the store was being able to watch the dude make salt water taffy.  When we first walked into the store I saw a machine pulling taffy.  I watched the guy pull the taffy off the machine and knead it.  The next thing I knew, the taffy was in a round cylinder shape on this machine that reduced the size of the roll as it fed it into a machine that cut the taffy and wrapped it into individual pieces.  The guy making the taffy started tossing pieces into the crowd.  My boys caught quite a few pieces.

I have heard Savannah compared to Charleston, a lot.  We spent a really short time in Savannah, but it was enough to know that Savannah is only like Charleston in the sense of having rich history.  Honestly, it was hard for me to get a pulse of the city in the short time I was there, but I experienced enough to know that Savannah also has a very fun, diverse, artistic vibe to it.  I so wished I had more time in Savannah, but with family moving back to Charleston soon, (making it just a 2-hour trip from there) I have a feeling I’ll be finding my way back down there from time to time to experience more of what the city has to offer!



2 thoughts on “Savannah, Georgia

  1. What a fabulous post! So glad you enjoyed your visit, and please do come back. Savannah is home for me, so I’m only *slightly* partial, but I think it’s the best place ever. Glad I happened onto your lovely blog!

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