The Strawberry Moon

Last Monday was an extremely long and stressful day.  We had just arrived back in town a few days earlier, my daughter started soccer camp, my kids have music lessons on Mondays, and I didn’t get any sleep the night before because Monday was also the day my husband had cancer surgery – which, thankfully, went really well.  Yeah, like I said, Monday was a long day.  I kept wondering if it was ever going to end.  Then I realized it didn’t just feel long, it really was long.  It was summer solstice.


On the way home that evening from my nieces’ softball game (they played really well and I’m super proud of them) I noticed how cool the moon looked.  That’s when someone in the car told me it was the Strawberry Moon.  I later found out that the full moon every June is referred to as the Strawberry Moon.  I read that it isn’t called the Strawberry Moon because it is the same hue as strawberries – which it isn’t, but because Algonquin tribes saw it as a reminder or symbol it was time to harvest fruits such as strawberries.  In other parts of the world, it is known as the Hot Moon, Honey Moon, and the Rose Moon.  It was right at sunset and the moon was a vibrant pink.  I dropped my family off at home and waited for my oldest son to grab his Canon and we took off looking for a place to get a good shot of the moon.  We stopped several different places and talked about how to get the best shots – I have to note that we realize neither of us are photo experts nor do we have great cameras, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to get a great shot.  By the time we stopped, the moon was no longer pink from the sunset, but a glowing amber.    We talked about how old we would be if we lived to see another Strawberry Moon during summer solstice, which was depressing for me, and we just enjoyed the beauty of the moon.  There’s something soothing and humbling about basking in the beauty of God’s creation.  I always wonder if we can ever grasp how awesome and powerful God really is.  The same God that can create a solar system to be so practical for us, like referencing time and seasons, also created the vastness of the Universe containing millions of galaxies that contain vast numbers of solar systems.  We live in an Universe that we will never really be able to comprehend.  If we can’t understand what he’s created, how can we possibly think that we can remotely understand everything about God, himself?


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a stressful day.  Bonding with one of my kids, enjoying God’s beautiful creation, and feeling light and free while riding around with the windows down and music playing.

Isn’t it amazing that God gives us reminders of his Majestic power?  Life is hard, but maybe, just maybe, sometimes it’s to keep us looking up…….



2 thoughts on “The Strawberry Moon

  1. Annie, you do some neat writing and photography! Keep up the good work. We’re still thinking of Chad and praying God’s hand will remain upon him for good. Love your family! Wylie & Lou Fulton

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