The Blue Ridge Parkway

I’m on vacation this week. I’m a day late and sharing a blog from last summer. Please excuse my laziness. 😉

The Redeeming Thread

My latest thirst for “whatever adventure I can find” took my husband and me on a day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The mountains are my favorite place on earth and one day I will live there, not today, but one day.  We started our drive right outside of Hendersonville, NC.  It is such a breathtakingly beautiful scenic route.  *Pause*  I know, I know.  The Appalachian Mountains have NOTHING on the Rocky’s.  I’ve been told MANY times by native west coast people.  But, I’m an east coast girl and I’m talking about my part of the world.  *Unpause*  This area of the Parkway has lots of tunnels which is so much fun, but it really made me wish my kids were with us.  They would have loved it, you know in between their complaining about wanting to go home and asking why we were riding so far. …

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