North Carolina


I am a Carolina Girl, through and through.  I was born and raised in South Carolina and I will always claim South Carolina as my home state, but, having lived in North Carolina for nearly sixteen years, I have come to love my adopted state.  Who, wouldn’t?  This beautiful state is so geographically and culturally different with the Blue Ridge Mountains, numerous cities, and the historic outer banks.  North Carolina is a place that exemplifies the rural south with hospitality, religion, small town living, and love for each other while also boasting some very large cities abundant with universities.

I started to write a blog about some of North Carolina’s attributes.  I sat down and started listing the beautiful places and most interesting facts about North Carolina.  My list kept growing.  And growing.  And growing some more.  My categories started breaking into sub-categories.  So, I decided with so much to say about our wonderful state, that I should write a blog every week highlighting the things that make North Carolina so special.  With the state’s social diversity, craftsmanship, famous personalities, tremendous beauty, and vast historic value, I’ll never run out of things to write.  I’ll still write about other topics, but Thursdays will be reserved for North Carolina.

What’s that?  What are my upcoming stories?  I think you will be pleased to know that my blog que is full of stories on The Earl Scruggs Center, The Biltmore Estate, The Oconaluftee Indian Village, Rhiannon Giddens, and much more.

So, check back with me on Thursday’s to see why I think North Carolina is so wonderful!



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