Hypocrisy Abounds

In the name of love, our hearts are growing colder than ever.  In the name of reason, we are unreasonable.  In the name of free thinking, we want everyone to think the same.  In the name of tolerance, we are intolerant.  In the name of justice, we pursue injustice.  In the name of truth, we perpetuate lies.  In the name of equality, we seek special rights.  In the name of freedom, we bind ourselves.  Just who are we and what have we become?

We have judges who have forgotten that their jobs were designed to interpret law; not make law.  Our President has a magic pen that wipes out any responsibility to work with in the laws of the land.  Our wonderful congress, you know, those people we elect to work on our behalf, our voice in Washington, sit idly by passing legislation they don’t have time to read.   They have the power to hold our judicial system and President accountable, but they do nothing.  We have the power to hold the congressmen accountable, but we do nothing.

We bear the shame and defeat of our future President coming from our current pool of candidates.  With the stains of Benghazi, socialism, and bankruptcy, we still rally behind our choices as though we have no other.

There is a loud noise that continuously comes from the very depths of Americans; constantly straining to be heard.  It screams tolerance, free thinking, love, equality,  and acceptance.  Then, in the same instance is intolerant of differing opinions, scorning love and calling it hate when it isn’t given in the way demanded, and not accepting of those that are different.

We want the freedom to follow our hearts.  We make our hearts our moral compass, mistakenly thinking that our emotions can be an appropriate moral base.  We put our happiness above reason and logic.  We want to numb our minds and over emphasize our emotions.  We want what we want when we want it.  Families have been torn apart, children have been abandoned, and unborn children have been murdered all because they were in the way of what we wanted.  My friends, our hearts are leading us to a very selfish, cold, and base place.  A place that inwardly shackles us with shame and regret when we eventually see the truth of following our hearts; it doesn’t bring the happiness it promises.

Who are we, and what have we become?



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