15 Things You Experienced Growing Up In SC

#1  When going to the beach, you knew you were headed to Myrtle Beach.  No questions asked.  It was the only beach, right?

The Pavilion, Myrtle Beach, SC

#2  Every Christmas you hoped for a miracle – snow on Christmas day.894026_10203215495458039_739049412_o

#3  Being Barefoot was a given – it was too hot to worry with shoes.169653_4228806928265_1027881279_o

#4  If you didn’t have a pool – the slip and slide was your best friend.20150421_174329

#5  There were only two college teams – South Carolina and Clemson. Period.10806345_10205811546115725_7996131079357252001_n

#6  You ate boiled peanuts.

Hammett Grove School, Pacolet, SC

#7  Yonder, y’all, reckon, and fixin was a part of your vocabulary.2015-04-21 17.54.07

#8  Some singular proper nouns magically became plural – Walmarts, K-marts, Belks, etc.20160114_143258

#9  You caught lightening bugs.20160114_142707

#10  You couldn’t have a family get together without food, and of course, almost everything was fried.

Charleston, SC

#11  Everyone called you darling or sweetheart.


#12  You have been told at least once in your life to “git.”  That’s code for: Get yourself out of the way.  20160114_141905

#13  If the forecast hinted at snow that was code for: “Everyone buy bread and milk.”  

I know it’s funny, but for all of you who weren’t blessed to live in the south and just don’t get it, there is a simple reason.  Ice likes to accompany snow in SC.  That means treacherous roads and power outages.  Cereal and sandwiches are great when your oven doesn’t work and you can’t get to the store.


#14  You always knew your state flag was the best in the entire country.  Hands down.

South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, SC

#15  With mountains on one side of the state and the beautiful coast lining the other side, you knew you lived in one of the best places on earth.  Home.

Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville, SC





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