Mercy Me – Greater Than Tour

My husband and I have awesome friends.  We were just “gifted” with two tickets to the Mercy Me concert, in Greenville, SC, last night.  I didn’t even know they were in town.  Two free tickets and time with the hubby – without kids – of course I took them!

I knew it was gonna be a good night when the first guy that came out on stage said, “Hello, South Carolina!”  For this South Carolina girl living in a North Carolina world, hearing those words just makes me happy.  The line up consisted of Tim Timmons, John Lynch, Phil Whickham, and Mercy Me.

I had never heard of Tim Timmons, but I enjoyed his performance.  He had the quote of the evening,

“What if I lived as though God is God, and I am not?”

Don’t we all want to be our own Gods?  We want to have control of everything and we want things our way, which is what leads us to worry.  In our selfishness, it’s so easy to forget that God is really in control.  My husband LOVED his song, “Starts With Me.”

John Lynch is an author who did a poetic dialogue.  He was pretty good, but I have to admit that I seriously suffer from ADD, so I kind of spaced during part of it.  One line that I did catch was this, “What they don’t tell me is they don’t love me without my mask on.”  Don’t we all wear masks and doesn’t that prevent us from really knowing and loving each other for who we really are?  Thought provoking….  They were selling his book, “The Cure,” for five bucks at the concert.  A friend highly recommended it, so I snagged it.  If it’s really good, you might her about it again.


Phil Whickham.  Wow.  I was blown away with the beauty of his voice and the depth of his vocal range.  I love his song, “This is Amazing Grace,” but, that’s all I’ve ever heard from him until last night.  Oh, my….  One of the most talented musicians I’ve ever heard.  He sang, “Heaven Song.” and it almost brought me to tears.  Simply. Beautiful.

Third Day is my jam.  I’m a Southern Rock genre kind of girl.  Having said that, I still really like Mercy Me.  I was at one of their concerts a few years ago and they played, “I Won’t Back Down.”  Who couldn’t like a group that appreciates the classics?  Their lyrics are beautiful.  One of my favorite songs of theirs is, “Stained Glass Masquerade.”  Their lyrics are stripped clean of worry of other’s opinions and display the reality of human nature mixed with the truth of who God is.

Bart Millard, lead singer for Mercy Me, was all about legalism and grace last night. He discussed some of his own personal struggles in serving God with a legalistic mentality and how he finally broke free from it.  I loved this quote from him,

“There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more than he does right this moment.”

He also used an example of bringing his wife flowers as an example of why he serves God.  He says he does it, not to remind himself of how much he loves her, but because she has seen the very worst of him and still loves him.

The band played “Shake,” “Brighter Days,” “The Hurt and the Healer,” “Wishful Thinking,” and “Beautiful,” along with some others.  Bart took a few minutes after “Beautiful,” to share some things he endured as a child.  It was really bad.  Tear jerking bad.  He then posed this question, “What would you say to a wide eyed eight year old version of yourself?”  I immediately thought of the song “Hold On,” by Wilson Phillips.  For me, at the age of eight, the next five years of my life would become one ugly reality of humanity after another.  But, I liked his answer better.

 “You are holy, righteous, and redeemed.  And I am for you.”

Then he played, “Dear Younger Me.”

The group ended the concert with, “I Can Only Imagine, ” before coming back, to indulge the crowd, and playing a few more favorites.

I felt like I had really been to church.  It was such an encouraging and inspiring evening.



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