Hart Square Festival

It all started in 1967, when Dr. Bob Hart purchased land with the purpose of establishing a wildlife refuge.  He began his wildlife conservation efforts by constructing 5 ponds and fencing 2oo acres of land.  A friend mentioned that an old cabin would look neat out there and he knew where one was.  And so it began.   The doctor who conserved wildlife, would now preserve history.  Today, there are over 70 structures on the site, with some dating as far back as the 1700’s.  It’s the nation’s largest collection of original log structures.

Every fourth Saturday in October, for the past 30 years, Hart Square opens for the one day Festival.  Skilled artisans, musicians, and history lovers unite to display an 1840’s town.  It’s truly a one of a kind experience.  People visit from all over the country.

These ladies were turning garden items into decorations.
I couldn’t imagine sweeping with that little broom…..
I just liked the way this looked….

The Native American Culture Area

Spencer “Two Dogs” Boljack from Hillbilly Blood

20151024_130753 20151025_230355

The School

20151024_132838 20151024_132727 20151024_132616 20151024_132637

Yarn Dying

Interesting fact: The pink yarn, second from left, was colored using some type of female desert cactus bugs.

The Trapper’s Cabin


The Silver SmithIMG_2235

The spoons before being clipped, filed, and sanded.
The finishing table. The completed spoons and forks were sold for $20 a piece.

They started with the silver bar on the left in the middle picture. They placed it in a pot over a fire until it melted. Then they poured it into a mold that was sitting just outside the fire. After the silverware was taken out of the molds, it had to be clipped and sanded. Any excess silver was reused.

The Quilting Cabin


The Broom Shop


The Farm Shed


Chapel of Peace and Covered Wooden Bridge


St. Mark’s Chapel


The Grist Mill

This water powered grist mill was actually running during this year’s festival. I gave a $3 donation in exchange for a bag of cornmeal made the day I was there.

20151024_144357 20151024_134435 20151024_20300520151026_10193320151026_101827

The Cotton Press

A mule powered cotton press.

The Cotton Gin

The bottom of the cotton gin building. This is where the animals would have been harnessed to power the machine.
Inside the building containing the cotton gin.
A volunteer explaining how the cotton gin works.


The Blacksmith


The Wood Steamer


The Wheelwright Shop


Spinning Wheel


Stockade and Cabin


Village Jail

Yeah, I went to jail. I think I might print this out and have it framed for my husband’s Christmas present.

IMG_2210 IMG_2214

Me and my friend, Jane. This was before we entered the hand saw competition.  It was fun, but we totally didn’t win.

My very favorite part of the day; the music.  There were at least four different groups of musicians throughout the village playing bluegrass style music.


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