Lake Lure

 20150920_165950Last month, my grandmother and I took a day to drive up to Lake Lure.  The Lake Lure area is such a fun place for my family.  It incorporates two of my favorite things, the lake and the mountains.  There is so much to do.  My oldest son and I enjoy kayaking and my children love playing on the beach. There are boat tours that tell you about the lake while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.  You can hike up Chimney Rock, shop, or eat ice cream.  I enjoy the ice cream, mostly.  Our goal on this drive up was to take a boat tour.

The September weather was almost perfect.  I had been on one of these tours before, so I was hoping the guide would cover some different facts about the lake and it’s history.  He did.  He gave us a short version of how the Lake came to be.  A prominent doctor, Lucius B. Morse, of Missouri became ill with tuberculosis.  He received treatment in Asheville, NC for the disease. While recuperating, he rode a horse some twenty five miles from the hospital and first saw the Chimney Rock/Lake Lure area.  He fell in love with it.  He continued to recover from his illness and returned home to Missouri.  About five years later, he returned with two of his brothers.  They went in together and purchased 64 acres of the area in 1902.  They later acquired enough land to bring the total to 8,000 acres.

My husband’s grandfather has an interesting story about Lake Lure.  In 1925, Dr. Morse had the idea to build a lake by constructing a dam on the Broad River. Before that, however, there was a town where the lake now is. My husband’s grandfather (who used to scuba dive) was hired years ago by a man to find a truck in the lake that belonged to his family that lived in the town before it was flooded.  He found it and they pulled it out of the murky abyss.  The guy restored it and got it to run.

The tour guide showed us firefly cove where over 50% of Dirty Dancing was filmed.  Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies, so I immediately recognized the steps where Baby carried the watermelon and practiced her dancing moves.


We saw some beautiful homes and scenery.


We also picked up some interesting facts. The lake is about 8 ft deep along the edges, about 60 ft deep in the middle and about 100 ft deep at the dam.  The first house was built on the lake in 1926.  Doctor Morse and wife, Elizabeth, never actually lived on the lake.

After the tour, we drove up to the ice cream shop at Chimney Rock.  My trip to Lake Lure wouldn’t have been complete without my mint chocolate chip ice cream.


For more information on Lake Lure Tours, visit:


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