5 Things To Do This Fall In Western North Carolina

#1 Get Lost In A Corn Maze

You have to take your kids to a corn maze in rural North Carolina.  You just have to. The Shelby Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch and Grandads Apples are both great places to visit.

The Shelby Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Cleveland County offer 8 acres of fun that takes approximately an hour to get through.  You can explore during the day or, for the more adventurous, you can go through it at night.  And, of course, you can grab some pumpkins for decoration while there.

Grandad’s Apples is located on Highway 64/Chimney Rock Road in Hendersonville.  They have a 5 acre corn maze with 5 way stations to visit before you are through.  It takes about an hour. While there, you can pick out pumpkins ranging in various sizes.  They also have different apple varieties that are available through mid October, so you can snag some of those, too.  I also highly recommend their apple turnovers.  Delicious!



#2 Go Hiking

I love to hike.  I really like to hike in the fall because the temp finally starts to drop and you can enjoy the hike that much more. I love to take my kids, at a leisurely pace, just so they can soak up the outdoors.  There is so much of nature that we never take the time to notice.  We stop to look at animal tracks and the different types of trees.  I like to challenge my kids to pick one thing to bring home, unless it’s alive (in that case, take a picture of it), and later at home identify and research that item.

There are all sorts of places to hike.  I took the kids with a friend last year to DuPont. Loved it.


#3 Take A Drive On The Parkway To See The Colors of Fall 

The Appalachian Mountains are beautiful when the leaves start to change color.  It’s worth a drive to see it.  The only problem is that there is a very short window between the leaves changing colors and them dropping from the trees.  You have to plan your visit just right.  Another tip, this time of year is the MOST popular time of year for this area.  It can be VERY crowded, especially during the weekend.  If you can take a day during the week to savor this beautiful experience, then I would.


#4 Hart Square Festival

Visiting Hart Square is literally like stepping back in time.  In Catawba County, Dr. Bob Hart owns 200 acres where he has placed the historical homes and buildings he’s collected.  It is the largest collection of original log structures in the country.  The collection includes different types of homes, shops, mills, churches and a school.  The place really comes alive at the festival when more than 200 skilled artisans practice trades from long ago.

The Hart Square Festival is October 24th ~ 10 until 5.  The tickets are $40 per person, children 5 and under are free. Contact Catawba County Museum of History October 1 to purchase tickets.  The tickets go on sale at 9am and they go fast.  Only drinks are available for purchase, but you are free to bring a packed lunch to enjoy on the grounds.

Contact Info for Catawba County Museum – 828.465.0383


#5 Cleveland County Fair

The Cleveland County Fair will be held this year October 1 – 11.  We aren’t talking just any fair, this is THE fair.  This fair has it all.  Demolition derbies, dirt track racing, a beauty Padgett, chain saw art, a small circus performance, and fair rides to enjoy.  There are always goats, chickens, and pigs for the kids to feed.  Livestock shows are always going on to watch and enjoy.  And we can’t forget about the food.  The fair has the best food.  You can enjoy turkey legs, roasted corn, bbq, fried oreos, candied apples, and cotton candy.  The one thing I always have to have before leaving is vinegar fries.

General Admission for Adults is $9, children 6-12 are $3, and children 5 and under and senior citizens are free.



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