Our Glamping Vacay


I love lake life.  There is nothing like seeing the excitement on my children’s faces as they plunge into the water or acquire a new water sports skill.  I love watching them play on the knee board and riding around on the tube –  knowing they are just hoping to get thrown off.  The confidence on my son’s face is priceless as he continues to improve on the skis, knee board and wake board.


For me, there is nothing like the wind whipping through my hair as I listen to whatever happens to be my jam that day.  It’s just fun.  Given all that I’ve just described, you would think I would love to go camping at the lake for a weekend, right?  No.  I am not a camping person.  Maybe because I’m 34 and the idea of sleeping anywhere other than my own soft bed makes me want to cry.  Yes, I’m a first world spoiled brat.  So, when my husband said that his parents were going to borrow a RV from the company his step-dad works for so we could all enjoy a long weekend at Moss Lake in the Shelby/Kings Mountain area of North Carolina, I wasn’t overly thrilled.  But, at least, it was close enough to go home at night to sleep.  So, my spirits started to rise at that thought.


When I arrived at the camp ground and saw the RV, I felt a lot better about the weekend.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Our temporary digs was a late model Fleetwood American Eagle.  The thing is worth more than our home.


The palace on wheels has everything; 3 slide outs, 2 bathrooms, a king bed, a queen sleeper sofa, a futon sofa, tile floors and backsplash, a ceiling fan, leather furniture, stainless steel appliances, and 4 televisions.  Honestly, I felt the way Ellie Mae Clampett must have felt when she moved into the big house with all of her critters.  Hehehehe.  There is a lifestyle being lived out there that I know nothing about.

We had the best time spent on the lake and in the mansion RV. My critters, I mean kids, had a ball.   The twins were able to ride to the campground with Pop in the RV. To them, that was better than riding in a limousine. When we weren’t on the boat, they played corn hole, roasted marshmallows, and lounged around. The entire weekend not only left them with sun burn, but also memories they will have their entire lives.  To me, the best part is that we camped and didn’t have to rough it!




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