“Me” Time

My life is….well, chaotic.  Yesterday I took my kids to town with me to do some shopping.  After finding John, my 6 year old, in the middle of Dick’s Sporting Goods holding up a mannequin arm with a very guilty look on his face, we decided to try lunch.  Apparently the $5.00 mac-n-cheese at Panera did not measure up to the $.69 Aldi bought mac-n-cheese we have at home.  I should not have been surprised to hear my kids saying  very loudly, such things as: “Mom, they put macaroni in cheese dip!”  “This is gross!” and my personal favorite, “Mom, I think I’m going to throw up!”  The thing about kids is that they really don’t listen when you try to shush them.  We then went to Sam’s which wasn’t quite as bad since my mother in law took two of the kids and shopped in other parts of the store.  I then only had to deal with, “Mom, I want this!”  “Why can’t we get that!”  and other incessant questions and statements that really don’t let you concentrate on what you need to be buying and what the best deal is.  If all of that isn’t enough, there are always perfect strangers inserting their opinions.  I can’t tell you how silly it is to ask a woman with children hanging all around her, “Are all those yours?”  Really?  I always want to reply, “No, I borrowed a few to enhance my shopping experience.”  By the time I returned home yesterday, I had a headache.  So, this morning I slept late.  Although I should have, I didn’t wake up my kids when I got up.  I just needed some coffee and time for me – you know, without all the noise of bickering.  So, I sat my happy, but lazy, butt on the couch and watched, “In Living Color.”  I tuned in during this hilarious skit by Jim Carey and Damon Wayans.  I laughed so hard, I can’t believe the noise didn’t wake the kids.  I love my children very much, but man did that 1/2 hour of laughter and coffee set me in a better mood for today!


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